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ANNéE 2010/2011

Dédutant Novice/Intermédiaire Partner

A Love Dance

AB Ticket

Beautiful Day


Celtic Slide

Cha Cha One


Coca Cola Cowboy

Country As Can Be

Cowboy Boogie

Cowboy Charleston


Dot The Line Dance

Duck Soupe

Easy Come Easy Go

Electric Slide

Home To Lousiana




























Singing The Song

City New Orléans

Get Reel

Country Boys Roll

Chica Boom Boom


Let's Get Drunk

Ruaround Sue

Tennesse Waltz Surprise

Blue Mercury

Leave The Boat

Home To Louisiana


Back in Line



Go Mama Go

Time To Swing


Why Don't We Just Dance

Catch The Rain

Madhouse To The Max

Mary Mary

Big Jimmy

J Wish


A Devil In Disguise

South Of Santa Fé

Jig It Up

Wave On Wave

The Blues Is Alright

Cute Cute Cute

Quarter Atter On

Mojo Rhytm


Rhyme Or Reason

Let's Get Drunk

Old Time Rock'n Roll

Freight Train

The Blues Is Alright

Key West

Mack The Knife



Blue Rose

Billy Dance

Dreamin Man

El Paso

Girl Thing

Gotta Get To You

I FallTo Pieces

I Had A Beautiful Time

Johnny Come Home


Ockechobee Shuffle

Suzanne Suzanne

The Shooters

The Sway

Walk Of Life

Wester Cha Cha

Texas Waltz

Swingin Summer

Billy's Dance


























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